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Spotlight On: Jennifer Drinkard, Hypnotherapist

Tell us a little about yourself and how you ended up in your field:

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The basics of me are that I’m a 38-year-old single mom of a four-year-old, and a widow of almost three years. I completed my MA in Psychology in 2016, with a focus on humanistic psychology. That’s just a big word for saying that my education focus was in treating/viewing each human as a complete whole entity, including everything that makes us who we are [our spiritual self, the communal spirituality between us (think Jung’s collective unconscious), our ancestry, our roles in social groups, our astrology, our auras, our diet; basically everything!]. This is in contrast to a psychology education that focuses only on the mind, for example, or behavior. 

I could have chosen to start immediately with the licensing process to become a licensed counselor, but after the death of my husband I had my own kind of spiritual awakening, as one does when faced with existential experiences like the temporary nature of life itself, and our relationship with/around death and living. It slowed me down. I didn’t find myself ready to chase licensing in the way I was going to before. In the midst of doing my own healing, which lasted the greater span of two and a half years, I felt called to take a hypnotherapy certification course. 

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is when a client enters a state of hypnosis, facilitated by a hypnotherapist, with the intention of healing. This could be healing related to physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain; a variety of ailments of all states, or just a feeling of being stuck. Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool for change; it can be like doing 5 years of therapy in one or two sessions. First and most importantly to me is the safety of my clients, so we spend as much time as needed creating a safe container for the start, and going over important things like consent. Once this is established, we can have a hypnotherapy session. It isn’t like you see on television. The client is always in control and remembers everything. During hypnotherapy, the client’s subconscious can come forward and is malleable and flexible in ways we are not able to access in our life, similar to the brain in meditation. This allows us to rewire the brain while in this relaxed state to encourage positivity and resilience.

What is the hardest part about what you do and what makes it all worth it for you?

The hardest part I think is just getting started with my business. I know that I’m good at what I do, and that I have an excellent background and intention, but if you aren’t my client, you haven’t had that experience with me, and don’t know that you will have a good experience. I think just coming to terms with that whole process has been a real learning experience for me. It requires a real patience and self-kindness toward myself and Time (as an idea and entity) that I’m learning to embrace. Also it’s isolating in a way that I didn’t expect. I don’t know too many hypnotherapists, if any honestly, so there’s no one to talk to about my work. What makes it worth it for me is the change I see in my clients after a session. There is nothing better than knowing that my client is walking out of here feeling more resilient, relaxed, positive, and changed for the better than when they came in. It feels like sacred work to me. 

Atlanta Headshot Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co.

Who is your style inspiration?

Oh dear. Um, can I say Lara Croft? That’s real lol.

Who is your favorite woman and why?

Toni Morrison. She introduced an entire world to language in a way that we hadn’t encountered in writing before. She is hands-down one of the most brilliant women that I can think of and I aspire to be as much like her as I can, as far as creative risk-taking goes.

What personal goals are you working toward right now?

Right now I’m working toward balance. Ok, I’ll be honest, I’m always working toward balance. Also, acceptance, also, releasing a concrete sense of who I need to be. Accepting that I’m changing, and that I’m not static, and that when I’m not feeling hot about something that that’s just part of the journey. I am a single mom so acceptance and balance are super high on the list, all the time.

What is your favorite item of clothing to find pockets on?

Dresses, of course.

How can people find out more about your business?

Learn more about hypnotherapy and Jen by visiting

Jen DrinkardJen Drinkard LLC is a hypnotherapy scheduling and information site, helping clients with trauma, anxiety, fear, existential fears, depression, phobias, and past life traumas. We also offer some shamanic healing practices like journeys and ceremony. One on one grief work is also

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